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Single Moms Day

September 21 is Single Moms Day

Single Moms Day is a day to honor all of the single moms and the specific struggles moms have as single parents. This is the day to show that you appreciate and care about their struggles. Single moms have to give twice as much time and energy to their family and they face more challenges and struggles. Show the single moms you know that you care. 

Why Single Moms Deserve a Day of Their Own

  • Over 80% of single parents with the majority responsibility to raise the kids are moms and they are raising millions of children. 
  • Most of the single moms have to balance work and kids, managing the finances to care for the kids and be there 100% of the time when the kids need them. This often means juggling shifts at work, working extra time, sacrificing vacation days for the days they have to take off for sick kids, and in many cases, working extra time to make enough money to support the kids and the home. 
  • Single moms often have to pass on promotions or are not able to build on their careers because they can’t put in the travel time or extra hours needed. 
  • Single moms often give up opportunities in order to be there for their children.
  • Single moms don’t choose to raise the kids alone, circumstances often leave them with no options but to raise the kids alone. 
  • Single moms selflessly give 100% every single day to care for the kids and take care of the home. 
  • Single moms often do not take anytime for personal care or self care due to time constraints.
  • Single moms rarely have any time off.
  • Single moms tend to put the kids needs above their own. 
  • Children raised by single moms are just as successful as children raised by couples. 
  • Some very successful people were raised by single moms including Barack Obama, Michael Phelps, Lebron James, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Jon Stewart, Kanye West and more .



How to Celebrate Single Moms Day


If you are a Single Mom, take time off today! Make time for yourself. Get a friend or family member or babysitter to care for the kids and get out of the house and spend time on your own or with a friend. 

You deserve this and need this! Taking a day for yourself helps you both emotionally and spiritually so that you can give more to your kids. 

If you know a Single mom, Show her you appreciate and understand her struggle. Don’t judge. Instead, give compliments. Single moms do have it tougher than married moms and they need your support and understanding. Offer to watch their kids for them so they can have some time on their own. Buy them a coffee or treat them to lunch or dinner. Take a meal to her to feed her family. 


Single Moms Day was conceived by, you guessed it, a single mom! Single mother of 4 who had to be both mom and dad while supporting the family financially and emotionally without any help, Patti Jewel created this day in 2012 to bring more awareness to the unique struggles that single moms face. Moms give 100% and single moms have to give even more. Without help or a co-parent, time and energy is doubled and most single moms have no one to turn to. They have to make it work, be there 100% of the time and always try to try to keep a positive attitude. Now with grown children, Patti wants to help other single moms and showcase their amazing efforts in raising children on their own.