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Single Mom Entrepreneur Day

June 30th is Single Mom Entrepreneur Day

Being a Single Mom is challenging and being an entrepreneur is challenging. Put them together and the challenges are doubled. Every single mom knows that the kids have to come first. And every Entrepreneur knows that in order to succeed, the business has to come first. So how do you balance the two? With extreme dedication and pushing your personal self care aside so that you can give full time to both. Single Mom Entrepreneur Day was created to celebrate those moms who have another passion and want to pursue their dreams while still being a great parent.

Single Mom Entrepreneur Day is a day to show appreciation to the single mom in your life who is brave enough to take on the challenge of being an entrepreneur.


Why Single Mom Entrepreneurs Deserve a Day of Their Own

  • Most of the single moms have to balance work and kids and as an entrepreneur who has multiple responsibilities with a business, the single mom has to juggle those responsibilities with taking care of the kids. 
  • As an entrepreneur you often sacrifice time off to put in extra work hours to grown the business. Single moms have the added sacrifice of giving up personal time for their kids.
  • Single mom entrepreneurs have to juggle clients and kid time and often have the challenges of competing with someone who doesn’t have to worry about their kids. 
  • Single moms often give up opportunities in their business in order to be there for their children.
  • Single moms entrepreneurs rarely have any time off or personal time. 
  • Single moms entrepreneurs have a double dose of sacrificing their time. 



How to Celebrate Single Mom Entrepreneurs Day


If you are a Single Mom Entrepreneur, you probably haven’t had any time to pamper yourself in the past year. Take some time today and make yourself a priority. The time off can do wonders for your spirit and your happiness. 

You deserve this and need this! Even if you just take 30 minutes in a nice quiet bath, or take a walk in the park, meet a friend for coffee, or put on the headphones and relax with your favorite soundtrack. Enjoy some time on this day and know that you have earned it! 

If you know a Single mom, Show her you appreciate and understand her struggle. Don’t judge. Instead, give compliments. It’s tough being a Single moms and they need your support and understanding. Offer to watch their kids for them so they can have some time on their own. Buy them a coffee or treat their family to lunch or dinner. Hire a housecleaner for the day to take some of the load off. And most important, be supportive! 


Single Mom Entrepreneur Day was conceived by, you guessed it, a single mom entrepreneur! Single mother of 4 who had to be both mom and dad while supporting the family financially with her own business, Patti Jewel created this day in 2018 to bring more awareness to the unique struggles that single mom entrepreneurs face. As the owner of a web agency and having the financial challenges of raising 4 kids, Patti fell into financial disaster. While she had many successes, her failures led her to want to help other single moms with the challenges they face. Moms give 100% and single moms have to give even more. Without help or a co-parent, time and energy is doubled and most single moms have no one to turn to. They have to make it work, be there 100% of the time and always try to try to keep a positive attitude. It’s not always easy when the business starts to lose money and you are at risk of losing your home. the pressures on single mom entrepreneurs is extreme and Patti wanted to create a day to showcase these amazing moms and appreciate the hard work they do on a daily basis.